Löyly Mods is a 3D printing company operating in the Greater Helsinki area. Our services range from 3D-modelling, designing to printing the ready products. We are able to turn your ideas into finished products. 


Ordering 3D printing product from our site is fast and easy. Explore our samples and choose what you like. The collection grows every day but if you do not find the product you are looking for, please contact us and let’s plan it together!


Work samples. You can find our work samples here. Not all of our work is listed as a reference, so if you do not find the model that matches your needs, we are always happy to send out more detailed references of our other products via email.

Upload Your Design

Do you have a ready printing file? Use the upload tool in order to send it to us, so this way you can get an offer easily and quickly. We will contact you by email or phone. We guarantee that you will always get the best results and competitive pricing. 

Contact Us

You can find our contact information here.  Our main goal is to meet customers’ needs, so if you have any questions or concerns please send us your inquiry. You can reach us best by using either email or contact form.  



In 3D printing method, the material is added layer by layer and not removed, as it is done in other production methods. Thanks to this, the material waste is very limited. 

The complex and complicated structures are often easier and cheaper to achieve using 3D printing than other manufacturing methods available on the market.


3D printing makes sure that you get unique tools for your use. We can manufacture the product directly from your design or plan it from a scratch, according to your wishes and needs.

There are several different materials available from stretchy plastic to carbon fiber and from REACH and RoHS-approved PETG. We also provide metal wires, wood, and stone.


3D printing method makes all designs possible to manufacture, for example, a product can be completely hollow and as light as possible or partially filled. If desired, the center of gravity can be precisely defined, so that the product is done exactly according to your wishes and needs.

3D printing also manufactures challenging items that are impossible for other production methods, as the piece is made from layer to layer.

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